I started to work as a test engineer doing mainly test automation in the year 2000. Since then I have created test automation tools and frameworks using Java, Perl, shell scripts and nowadays mainly Python. Over the years I have also used a wide range of commercial and open source test tools, and most of the time had much better success with the latter.

I graduated from Helsinki University of Technology in 2006, and wrote my Master's Thesis about large scale test automation frameworks. Especially the keyword-driven prototype that I created for the thesis was really successful, and I started working with a framework based on it in a customer project afterwards. In June 2008 this framework was open sourced as Robot Framework.

I learned about Agile software development for the first time in 2002 when studying software processes at the university. Unfortunately it took some years before I got into a real Agile project, but I have been lucky enough to avoid waterfalls since then. I have mostly experience from Scrum and since 2006 I have been able to call myself Certified ScrumMaster.

In addition to using open source tools, I have also followed many open source project closely and participated to them by submitting bug reports and answering questions on mailing lists. For Jython project I have contributed both bug reports and patches, and nowadays I am obviously highly involved with Robot Framework open source project.

Eliga Oy was founded on February 2007.